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A Connecticut Misdemeanor applies to any of the lesser offences other than a felony. These crimes could be in the form of shoplifting, assaults, breach of peace, certain driving offense, drunk driving, and other minor offences. The offences may be minor so to say, but each and every one of them carries a penalty of either a fine, probation or incarceration.

A Misdemeanor is a crime that is less serious, which is punishable by a fine , probation or by incarnation for a period of not more than one year.

Although the charges for a misdemeanor might be minor, the fact is that it is capable of causing the damage to ones image. A misdemeanor in Connecticut does not prevent an individual from enjoying his or her civil rights. You can still engage in the voting process and the like. But the fact is, the image of the person involved might already been battered. As a result he or she may very well be passed over in certain job opportunities.


Felony Crimes are the most serious of CT crimes. Being charged with a felony crime can have long term consequences far beyond the term of the sentence received. Felons can lose their rights to vote, to carry certain professional licenses, to purchase firearms, serve in the military or on a jury.

Felonies include the crimes of murder, sexual assaults, assaults, drug crimes, DUI's, Burglaries, Robberies among others.

The Law Office of Matthew Lloyd Brovender has been successful in many Jury and Court trials and has handled hundreds of Felonies and Misdemeanors.

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